1. To promote business which are directly related to tourism in Phuket. For example, transportations, hotels, food and beverages, tour operators, souvenir and gift shops or recreation and leisure businesses.
  2. To support businesses that strengthen Phuket Tourism. For example, arts and cultural-related businesses, MICE (meetings, incentives, conventions, exhibitions), medical or sport businesses.
  3. To support, to facilitate and to solve any obstacles in business deals among or between members and other parties.
  4. To exchange research and opinion with business partners. To publicize newsletters, knowledges or statistics to members.
  5. To improve the quality of the products and services and lift up the standard in order to meet the market needs.
  6. To collaborate with government units, authorities or any business associations related to Tourism.
  7. To set rules and regulations in accordance with these objectives.
  8. To develop, to seek and to advertise tourist attractions appealing to both domestic and international tourists.
  9. To conserve, to maintain, to restore and to reserve national resources and local traditions.
  10. To facilitate and to provide security as well as to conduct fair business.
  11. To act as a medium in receiving donations.
  12. From times to times, to financially or non-financially reward members or non-members whose promote or publicize the PTA or tourism-related industry in Phuket.
  13. Not conducting any business directly nor indirectly involving to politics.
  14. To support and to assist any associations or organizations aiming to promote tourism industry in Phuket.